Well, it’s time! We’re off today, heading home for the wedding. I haven’t been around much to post lately, due to the endless wedding minutiae that managed to creep up.

Placecards, meal choices, seating charts, confirming everything, packing for the honeymoon (omfg, 2 weeks of NO WORK), you name it, it’s been done. Last minute guest list changes, timelines for the weekend, directions to everything under the sun printed out, instructions for my wonderful family, who will be house-sitting while we’re off drinking daiquiris at 9am, it’s all complete.

 Now, I just have to pack. And figure out what I’m wearing tomorrow night. And set my out of office. And record all my shows (Yes. Am genius who planned to be in Hawaii during Fall Premiere Week. May or may not be twitching at the thought of missing the premieres of Heroes, Grey’s, HIMYM, Bones, House, CSI, Numbers…am total geek).

Maybe I’m not quite as done as I thought…

Anyway! Stay tuned for possible honeymoon updates (ew, NO. Mind out of gutter, please). There are ziplines, kayak trips, and luaus in our future. And definite travel chaos and hilarity is bound to ensue, typical for me.

In closing, a portrait of what my millions of readers are reader is missing this weekend (taken from my bachelorette party):


See? Fun! Hilarity! And booze. Sweet, sweet booze.


Ok, this is my first one of these on here, which I took from Sarcomical. Happy Sunday!

For those who are new here, here are the rules:
After you read my responses, copy and paste the entire list into your comment and replace my answers with yours. You can only use ONE word to answer each item, and I know sometimes you find that painful, but we will all get through it together. Don’t break the only rule, or I may be forced to ridicule you and point & laugh.

Hoping For: Direction
Just Finished: Eating
Jonesing For: Coffee
Most Annoying Brady Bunch Kid: Greg
Word to Describe Your Personal Sense of Style: Simple
Last Snack: Chickpeas
Have Never, Ever Tried: Snorkeling
Last Clumsy Injury: Toe
Your Environment: Peaceful
Daily Object You’d Like to Throw Into Oncoming Traffic: Phone
Favorite Kind of Soup: Chicken
Holiday You Don’t Typically Celebrate: Halloween
Happy To Have: Fiance
Want To Start: Photography
Need To Start: Exercising
Last Thing You Purchased: Dinner
Color of Your Car Interior:
Color of the Wall in the Room You’re In: Teal
Days Since Your Last Night Out: Seven
Number of Rings On Your Fingers: Zero
How Many Minutes It Takes To Do Your Hair: Fifteen
Favorite Outdoor Smell: Grass
Number of Clocks in Your Home (not on appliances): Two
Where You Put Spare Change: Vase

Dear Co-Worker-

It appears you had a late-night last night, I hope it was fun. Have you noticed any strange looks in your general direction this morning? This may be due to your decision to substitute a bottle of Aqua di Gio in lieu of a good old-fashioned shower. You seem to be leaving a vapor trail of cheap cologne and last night’s cocktails behind you in your wake. Might I suggest you run home, hose off, and return to work, sans Giorgio? I think we could all benefit from this.

With Love,

My latest obsession. Mandy Moore’s cover of the Rihanna song “Umbrella”. Of course, I love Mandy to begin with, but I am LOVING this cover.

I think you all know what that second “F” stands for.  

Scene: Me, Rhonda (my trusty Civic), the Mass Pike, about 12:15pm.

We’re cruising along, I’m blasting my country music (yes, love. you’ll hear much more about this in future posts). The sun’s out, I’m heading off to the folks’ for the weekend, not a care in the world (well, except making my 3pm dress fitting appointment).

I wanna live where the green grass grows, watch my corn pop up in rows (I tried to warn you!)…

I think you know where I’m going with this, yes?

traffic jam

Dead stop. AKA, a parking lot. Granted it’s Friday. In New England, we’re heading towards the height of tourist season. But NOON? Was Bon Jovi giving a free concert on the highway? Had fall arrived without me knowing? The leafs turning 8 shades of red, yellow, orange, a brisk chill in the air?

No, nothing quite as exciting as autumn arriving or a free highway concert (hey, it could happen).


Fucking construction. And the kicker? No one was even there! Not one single, solitary, butt-crack-showing, beer-gut-jiggling, chain-smoking worker. Not one machine was in use, not one lane merge to be had.

So what, pray tell, were all these damn people looking at? MOOOOOOVE, people.

Anyway. I did make it home, with time to spare, for my dress fitting. (You didn’t think I’d get through this entire post without mentioning it once, did you? HA!) I’d show you pictures, but not until after the wedding. Once I’ve been properly airbrushed.

Oh, all right, here’s a picture of what our flowers will resemble. I LOVE my florist. She’s amazing. And I can not WAIT for her to blow my mind on the wedding day.



I know what I’m doing next Thursday! Hopping a plane to LA for this:

Meet Paris

What a chance of a lifetime! To be personally styled by the one and only Paris Hilton! My wildest dreams are coming true.

 (I really hope you’re all up on your definition of “sarcasm”…because if not, you’re probably totally horrified right about now.)

I’ve decided that I need to familiarize myself with the workings of WordPress. So here is where I attempt to avoid making a total ass out of myself, and work on things like posting pictures & links. Don’t worry, I’ll keep to a theme: stuff I want. Or like. Or want AND like.

 First up!


Pretty, isn’t it? This is tops on my list of “wahhh, buy ME!” stuff. The MacBook Pro 15″, 2.2GHz. I’m crossing my fingers for Santa to bring this bad boy my way. You should to.

Next, you ask?


Sigh. The Boy gave me a Nikon d80 as an early wedding gift (have I mentioned the wedding yet in this post? No? Oh, well, there you go.). Am spoiled. Totally aware of this. But now I *must* have this  zoom lens to take on the honeymoon. I’m drooling thinking of the sharp photos it will produce.

I only see that lens as the gateway drug into my new obsession. Because once I have that, I know I’m going to need this, this, and definitely this. (I’d LOVE this, but I don’t have a death wish…yet.)

All of which I will pack up in my amazing new camera bag, and change out covers according to my mood.
My current fave:


Well, look at that. I think I’ve “mastered” this little tutorial. Nothing a little FAQ couldn’t handle. Stay tuned, you can bet your ass I’ll be posting more wish lists. Until then.